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Another great day in Cincy – the mercury almost hit 60!  I drove over to Ault Park with my dog, Bear, to get him some excersize.  We spent about an hour on a trail through the woods, which was much more muddy than I anticipated due to all the melting snow. 

After watching the Bearcats lose an ugly game to St. John’s I snapped a few pictures of the sun setting behind Music Hall.  Only 46 days left until Opening Day…

After spending the weekend in San Francisco’s cloudless, 72 degree atmosphere, returning to Cincinnati was like getting a cold, hard slap to the face.  I was pleasantly surprised to wake up this morning to sunny skies – the temperature was hovering around 34 degrees, though.  Regardless, it was nice to see the sun and I decided to make the trek from my condo at 13th & Vine up to Findlay Market.  Turned into a pretty delicious day…

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Welcome to the first post of! I created this blog to serve as a backup for my brain. I have reached the age where each birthday seems to come faster than the last, yet they are all equally insignificant. As time continues to pass there is one constant that I have begun to notice: I can only cram so much information into my brain before things begin to run together and, at times, disappear entirely. I have a feeling a few of my recreational activities have contributed to this loss of personal data. However, the reason I forget things is irrelevent. The important thing is that I am now taking proactive steps to ensure I can one day prove to my children that I did have a childhood — or more accurately, a young adulthood.

Lately it seems that with each new memory I have I need to first delete an older memory in order to have room in my brain to remember everything. That is, until now. The time has come for me to give my brain a rest and rely solely on technology to be my new, enhanced memory.

As a young professional living in Cincinnati, my hope is to document, photograph and discuss the positive aspects of this city. The neighborhoods, the people, the food, and yes, even the crime, homelessness and poverty. For a city of this size Cincinnati has an abundance of history, art, culture and unique beauty unlike anywhere else in the country, and I hope to bottle up as much as possible in my little corner of the internet. It’s going to be an interesting ride so you may want to buckle up!

Okay, so I just started this blog and stated in my first post that I was going to be documenting things in Cincinnati – because that is where I live. However, it just occurred to me that with today’s modern forms of transportation it is fairly easy to visit other areas of the country as well.

With that said, I recently traveled to San Francisco for work and brought along my new Nikon D90 camera. This thing is sweet! I would consider myself to be an amateur in the world of photography, but I’m hoping to expand my skills as I learn more functions of the camera.

For my first photo-post I would like to welcome you to the city by the bay…

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